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Your basement will be dry all of the time with Perma-Dry.
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Cinder Block Basement Leaks: How to Repair

Cinder Block Basement Leaks: How To Repair

Basements can leak for various reasons. Regardless of the construction material, water infiltration can still pose a threat.


Cinder blocks, in particular, can be prone to leaks. The moisture-absorbing properties of cinder blocks increase their susceptibility to water damage or defects. As such, fixing leaks and waterproofing your cinder block basement can go a long way.


If you’re dealing with a cinder block basement leak, you need to stay informed to keep your basement and foundation safe. In this post, the Perma Dry Michigan crew delves deeper into foundation cracks and cinder block basement repair.  

Understanding Basements: Cinder Block vs. Poured Concrete

Cinder blocks, commonly used for foundation and basement walls, are rectangular blocks with open cells made from a mixture of concrete, cement, and coal cinders. Many homeowners like to use cinder blocks because of their easy installation, fire resistance, and cost-effectiveness.


Cinder block basements feature individual cinder blocks stacked and held together with mortar, while poured concrete basements are created by pouring concrete into forms to build solid walls with tie rods.


Poured concrete carries a higher price than cinder blocks, but when properly sealed, it boasts excellent durability and superior water resistance. Nonetheless, both materials suit basement construction depending on project requirements, budget, and local building codes.  

How to Address Foundation Cracks

While a minor crack (thinner than 1/8 inch) doesn’t indicate a structural issue, you should monitor it keenly over time. If the crack starts to expand, seal it.


Water seeping through the crack calls for foundation leak repair because failing to address the issue properly may promote mold and mildew growth. Contact an expert if you notice:  


  • A crack wider than 1/2 inch  
  • A crack that follows a step-like pattern or shifts direction  
  • A crack that follows the joints in the mortar between the blocks 


You can usually fix small cracks with an epoxy injection. Clean, dry, and clear the crack of debris using pressurized air. Then fill it with epoxy. Seek professional help if drying out the crack proves challenging.  

The Problem with Foundation Cracks

Your foundation may develop some hairline cracks as it settles. While you shouldn’t worry too much about tiny cracks, they can potentially grow larger, which could lead to potentially serious issues.


Several other factors can cause cinder block basement leaks, but expanding soil is the most common culprit. Soil begins to expand as it absorbs water over time, exerting pressure around your foundation. The initial damage may seem minor, but when ignored, small problems can escalate into more serious issues like:


  • Large foundation cracks  
  • Cracked drywall  
  • Gaps between exterior walls and windows  
  • Mold growth  
  • Warped floors and ceilings  


These issues take more time and resources to fix, which makes prompt repairs crucial. Fix the foundation crack early if you notice it spreading or expanding.  

Foundation Crack Repair at Perma Dry Michigan

At Perma Dry Michigan, we use high-pressure injections to prevent water intrusion and cutting-edge grid stitch technology to seal foundation cracks in concrete structures. Our comprehensive waterproofing and foundation crack repair services help to maintain your property’s structural integrity.


Our crew strives to repair foundation cracks as soon as possible before they turn into costly repairs. That way, our clients in Southeast Michigan experience increased safety and stability in their homes.


The peace of mind that comes with the assurance of a structurally sound foundation allows homeowners to enjoy their properties with confidence. We’ve had countless satisfied customers over the years; take a look at our reviews to learn more about what our work is like!  

Perma Dry Michigan | Basement Cinder Block Leak Repair in Southeast Michigan

If a cinder block basement leak worries you about water damage and structural integrity issues, look no further than Perma Dry Michigan to repair the leak and protect your property.


Our extensive experience and on-the-job expertise ensure high-quality work that meets your foundation repair and maintenance needs. We value our clients, big and small, and come to every project ready to enhance the property.


Contact Perma Dry Michigan today at (734) 800-1355 for a free estimate to resolve your cinder block basement leak.