Your basement will be dry all of the time with Perma-Dry.
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Your basement will be dry all of the time with Perma-Dry.
M-F: 8AM-5PM
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Basement Waterproofing Near Canton, MI

Basement Waterproofed Walls With a Sump Pump | Basement Waterproofing Near Canton, MI | Perma Dry Michigan

Perma Dry Michigan | Plymouth, Michigan

When researching basement waterproofing near me, Perma Dry Michigan should be a top choice. Our fully licensed and insured company and team of certified professionals have the experience, technology, tools, and skills to get any Canton basement waterproofed correctly. 


Whether you need crawlspace, foundation repair, or basement waterproofing near Canton, MI, we’re the team to call. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

Basement Waterproofing Near Canton, Michigan

Water leaking inside your home or business’s basement in Canton can be a major problem. Excessive moisture can attract pests, promote fast mold and mildew growth, or cause structural problems to your property. If you have a finished basement, the moisture will be a bigger detriment to your living space and comfort.


Our Perma Dry Michigan team offers the best basement waterproofing near Canton, Michigan. We work quickly to implement various waterproofing solutions to keep any home or business safe and dry. Our methods include:



With us, you can be confident your property will undergo a detailed inspection and receive an effective, long-term waterproofing solution.

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Grid Stitch Technology

Foundation Repair Near Canton, Michigan

As your Canton property settles, the basement walls, flooring, and windows may develop hairline foundation cracks. Some foundation cracks signify major structural damage and require immediate attention from qualified foundation repair professionals. 


At Perma Dry Michigan, we do more than offer basic MI waterproofing systems for basements and crawlspaces; we also repair foundation cracks to protect a building’s structural integrity. 


Our company uses the latest tools and techniques to fix foundational damage before problems become too severe. One method is the grid stitch technology that involves epoxy adhesives and carbon fiber stitches to seal cracks. Contact us for foundation repair in Canton if you see a foundation crack that:


  • Is over a half-inch wide
  • Follows a staircase pattern
  • Follows mortar joints

Sump Pump Installation Near Canton, Michigan

If you want to prevent flooding on your basement floor every time it rains in Canton, you’ll need a sump pump. A sump pump drains water that accumulates inside a sump pit at the basement’s lowest point. It keeps rainwater and snowmelt from puddling indoors, making it an essential device. 


Perma Dry Michigan can help determine the appropriate sump pump type with the right amount of power to prevent your basement from flooding. Our crew will also handle the sump pump installation process, from digging the sump pit to test-running the system. 

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Tie Rod Hole Leaks

Tie Rod Hole Repair Near Canton, MI

A tie rod is a steel component that holds multiple concrete forms together while builders pour a foundation. After laying the foundation, the builders will break off the ends of the rods and seal the holes in the foundation walls. However, incorrect sealing can lead to tie rod hole leaks. 


Our experienced technicians proudly offer tie rod repair near Canton, Michigan. The Perma Dry Michigan method for repairing tie rod leaks includes drilling away rusted concrete before filling the void with a high-grade sealant and bonded concreted. 


You might need our tie rod leak repair services if:


  • The basement moisture encourages mold growth
  • You notice concrete erosion from the water
  • You see round brown water stains on your basement walls

Why Perma Dry Michigan

Perma Dry Michigan offers affordable and reliable basement waterproofing near Canton, Michigan, and the surrounding communities. As a licensed, insured, and ICC-ES-certified company with decades of experience, we can provide various services to keep basements and crawlspaces dry and structurally sound. 


Our dedication to superior customer service and reliable waterproofing solutions are why we have a reputation as one of the best basement waterproofing and foundation repair companies serving Southeast Michigan

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Don’t wait too long to get dependable basement waterproofing near Canton, Michigan from our experts at Perma Dry Michigan. We uphold the highest standards for quality services and customer support, so you can be sure we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations for basement waterproofing, foundation repair, sump pump installation, and more. 


Get your free estimate with Perma Dry Michigan by calling (734) 800-1355 today.