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Your basement will be dry all of the time with Perma-Dry.
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Basement Wall Stabilization

Basement Wall Stabilization | Perma Dry Michigan

Basement Wall Stabilization | Perma Dry Michigan

Basement walls provide a solid foundation for your home’s frame, ensuring that you have a structurally sound place to live. When these walls bow or begin to strain due to age or soil expansion, you need fast and effective basement wall stabilization to keep your property in good condition. Our team at Perma Dry Michigan uses several methods to ensure that your basement walls continue to support your home or business.


Our basement wall stabilization services start with an inspection to determine what’s causing your walls to bow or tilt. Once we identify the most dangerous areas, we’ll discuss potential repairs with you and provide transparent pricing and timelines. Once you approve it, we’ll perform stabilization services to ensure your walls are perfectly safe.

Why Is Basement Wall Stabilization Important?

Your basement walls provide a sturdy foundation on which the entire structure of your home or business rests. Bowing, tilting, or buckling walls indicate a problem with that stability. While all structures can take a certain amount of settling or shifting, excess movement can cause unseen damage in your house or business that eventually weakens the structural integrity.


It can be difficult to notice the signs of failing basement walls, so knowing what to look for helps you recognize when you need basement wall stabilization. Some signs can include:

  • Trouble opening and closing doors and windows
  • Gaps developing between flooring and walls
  • Visible beams in your ceilings
  • Cracks in the interior walls
  • Sloping or sunken floors


While not all bowing or tilted walls require straightening for stabilization, we might find other problems contributing to the damage. For example, basement waterproofing can help if you have issues with excessive moisture causing bowing, cracking, or buckling. In addition to helping your basement walls retain their structural integrity, waterproofing can also benefit your energy bill by helping you maintain interior temperatures.

Carbon Fiber Straps diagram

The Different Ways to Stabilize Your Basement Walls

Our technicians at Perma Dry Michigan have experience providing basement wall stabilization with various methods, which will help the building’s structural integrity. 

Steel Beams

When a house needs heavy-duty stabilization, our team uses basement wall support I beams to provide instant results. Steel I beams connect to the top and bottom of your basement walls for ultimate stability, often situated every five or six feet to maximize solidity.

Carbon Fiber Straps

To combat that pressure, we may use basement wall straps made of carbon fiber, a material four times as strong as steel. Our team places the straps with Epoxy Rivet Technology that creates a strong adherence between the strap and the wall, providing instant stability.

Wall Anchors

In some cases, we utilize wall anchors and use natural weight to stabilize basement walls. Using high-quality galvanized steel, one end of the anchor goes against the center of your wall while the other offers stabilization with weight from the soil near your foundation.

How Much Does Basement Wall Stabilization Cost?

The pricing for basement wall stabilization differs depending on the size of your basement, the type of stabilization used, and labor costs. Whether you’re stabilizing basement walls with steel I beams, carbon fiber straps, or wall anchors, the whole procedure costs between $250 and $300 per foot, plus the cost of materials.


During basement wall stabilization, our team at Perma Dry Michigan also inspects your basement for problems like mold development, pest infestations, or water damage. These issues can also contribute to bowing or buckling basement walls. If we find signs of them, we’ll discuss potential services to address those problems. We can offer everything from interior drain systems to full encapsulation, helping you maintain a safe and dry basement.

Wall Stabilization support rods in a basement

Basement Wall Stabilization Near Plymouth, MI | Perma Dry Michigan

Your entire home or business depends on the structural integrity of your foundation, and when you have a basement, that includes the basement walls. Bowing, cracking, or buckling indicates a serious issue that needs immediate addressing. Our team at Perma Dry Michigan offers comprehensive basement wall stabilization services for homes and businesses of any size. We’ll work diligently to provide you with the support you need.


If you have problems with your basement walls in or around Plymouth, MI, call the experts at Perma Dry Michigan for a free basement wall stabilization estimate at (734) 800-1355.

One of the most common reasons for a bowing wall is the expansion of clay soils when moisture is present. Clay soils expand when they get wet, and shrink when they dry out. The expansion of wet clay soils put additional pressure on the foundation wall. When this force exceeds the strength of the wall, the wall cracks and moves inward. The structural integrity of the wall is now compromised, and future wetting of the soil will continue to weaken the wall over time.

Steel I-Beams

Our steel I-beams effectively stabilize bowing or buckling foundation walls from inside your basement without any disturbance to the outside of your home. These beams are vertically placed every 5 – 6 feet against the foundation wall and held in place by steel brackets below at the footer and above at the joists. The brackets are then tightened, transferring pressure from the beam to the wall to stop the buckling wall from moving inward any further. These pre-engineered beams are an effective and permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall. Bowed, sheared and tipped walls can be quickly repaired and restored with just one product.

Carbon Fiber Straps

External pressure to the outside of your home’s walls can cause problems such as the shearing, bowing and/or tipping of these walls. We use carbon kevlar straps to restore structure to affected walls- These straps are over four times stronger than steel! The patented Epoxy Rivet Technology guarantees the strongest adherence to the wall and the factory epoxy-saturated carbon ensures maximum efficiency.

These carbon fiber straps are top-of-wall anchors for basement wall repair that are tensioned after installation. These top anchors are mechanically fastened to the rim joist, not the sill plate.This engages the building’s floor system, providing a stronger, and more durable anchor. Engaging the floor system (this is the first story floor to the top of the basement wall) provides the strongest and safest connection.

Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System

The Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System is a proven anchor system that has helped thousands of homeowners straighten and stabilize their bowing, bulging, and tipping basement walls. Our objective is to secure and stabilize your foundation walls and give you the peace of mind that your foundation is as safe and secure as the day you purchased your home.

The Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System is made from the highest quality steel and is galvanized for a long life-span, with the assurance of being able to perform well in a variety of soil conditions. Each Hold-Right® Wall Anchor is uniquely engineered so they are able to straighten the foundation wall immediately when the excavation of the soil is preformed on the outside of your foundation. They are also able to straighten many foundation walls over time without any disruption to your yard or landscaping.

The Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System is over engineered so there will never be any doubt that the Hold-Right® Wall Anchor will secure and stabilize your foundation.

Advantages of the Hold-Right® Wall Anchor

  • Most jobs can be completed in one day
  • Engineer certified
  • Minimal disturbance to your home and lawn
  • Will stabilize or straighten weakened walls
  • A 25 year warranty against any further inward movement
  • Will NOT damage wood framing or concrete basement floor
  • Provides peace of mind and restored property values.